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Pajama Program Featured in Asbury Park Press

An article featuring the New Jersey Pajama Program activities was featured in the Asbury Park Press on April 26, 2005. "A head start reading with the pajama game: Charity gives pajamas and books to underprivileged kids."
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New Jersey Pajama Program Visits South Toms River Head Start: Pajama Program Delivers Sleepwear and Nurturing Books to O.C.E.A.N., Inc. Head Start Children

On April 25, 2005, Geri Schleich, the New Jersey Pajama Program Coordinator, read selected books and provided children with pajamas at the Berkeley Head Start Facility in South Toms River. Here are a few pictures from this wonderful event.

“I can actually feel my heart melting each time I enter a room and look into the faces of these precious children.” -- Geri

“Think it takes a lot to make a child happy? Not if the child is the recipient of a pair of pajamas from Pajama Program.” -- Geri

"The little girl on my right, returned several times to tell me something new about her brand new yellow nightgown." -- Geri

Geri’s 2005 New Jersey Pajama Program News

The NJ volunteers have all shown that they have a warm heart and a great willingness to help needy children in their service to Pajama Program.

Their generosity never ceases to amaze me. Each individual's efforts have made it possible for many children in NJ to go to bed at night with their very own pair of new pajamas and a book.

Each drive has been different and creative. In each case, it worked because their efforts fit their lifestyle.

Most of the following drives have been planned and organized. But I don't want to forget to thank my friends and neighbors who always seem to have a few pairs of new pajamas/books to drop off at my house, or have made generous monetary donations to Pajama Program.

So hugs, and my deepest gratitude to people like TERRY PERPINAN, LOIS KROECK, DONNA & AMANDA FIGLIOLA, BETTY DWORKIN and CAROL WALKER. You are very special people.

TRISHA HALL, troop leader of Girl Scout Troop 1853 in Lincroft, organized all of the troops in Middletown Twp and ran a pajama/book drive throughout the month of February. The girls made posters and put them up all over town. Then they decorated large boxes to collect the pajamas and books. It was a big success!

Thanks to CATHY MOGENSON, the Social Concerns Director at St Mary's Church in Colts Neck, and DIANE PASTOR, who got The MOMS Group interested in running a drive in the month of February. They put a notice in their church bulletin, put out collection boxes, and in 2 weeks had collected 94 pairs of pajamas and books from their generous parishioners.

In April I was invited to read and distribute pajamas and books to 2 classes of children in The Ocean County Head Start Program in South Toms River. Ocean County has 335 Head Start children in 7 classes. CONNIE FAHIM, from O.C.E.A.N. INC organized the whole event and even invited a reporter and photographer from The Asbury Park Press to be there. It turned out to be a wonderfully memorable day, and the publicity was a real boost for Pajama Program.

After seeing that newspaper article, MARGO PETERSON, Director of the Manasquan Library contacted me to ask if she and her staff could help in any way. So, in June, the library was used to read to the 55 children from The Neptune City Head Start Program as well as distribute pajamas donated by Skivvy Doodles. Margo personally bought each child a new Sponge Bob Square Pants book, and Pajama Program volunteer, LISA RUGGIERO, gave each child a new toy. The children and adults could not have had a nicer time.

The O Magazine article prompted CAROL PEACOCK and her daughter COLLEEN to contact Pajama Program. They asked how to run a pajama drive. My answer to them, as it is to everyone who asks this question, is to find a way that will work well for them. As a result, they decided to invite all of their friends to a pajama party at their home in July. Every guest was asked to bring a pair of pajamas and enjoy the cool breezes, refreshing drinks and snacks in their backyard.

As my dear friend EILEEN BERGER, put it when she called me recently, "Everyone I know, knows better than to approach me these days without a pair of new pajamas in their hands." In addition to that, all of the invitations to a birthday party that her children are giving her in July, have made the following request, "Eileen does not want or need any gifts. Instead, please come with a pair of new children's pajamas, size infant to size 16, and an age appropriate book." It is the type of generosity that I have come to expect from Eileen through the years.

I still remember the day that Pajama Program received e-mail from MAUREEN KOLIS, a guidance counselor at West Essex High School. She told us that after reading the article in O Magazine, she put out a call to students and teachers for new pajamas and books. Her letter said, "Help! O have sleepwear piled to the ceiling in my small guidance office. Please send shipping instructions!" She was overwhelmed at the response, and so were we. Since then, we have found out that Maureen was about to retire and is interested in volunteering for Pajama Program. So, West Essex High School's loss will ultimately be our gain.

Every day I am thankful for the volunteer work and time that my dear friend, ROBIN COLLINS, and loving sister, GINA GOODRICH have given me. They have made themselves available to drive, help me distribute and in some cases sort pajamas every time that I have asked them. Their efforts are invaluable to me.

-- Geri


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